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Welcome to Business Friends Lincs

Simply put, Business Friends Lincs is a group of like minded sole-traders, business owners and company representatives who, after becoming disillusioned with their franchised network meetings, formed their own networking group.

We felt that our time and money could be better spent doing what we do: business.

Networking and referrals are the key to growth for many small businesses, so we are slowly and steadily growing our numbers with like minded guests and new members. This way the group can naturally evolve into a core of regional business people that trust and refer to each other in their daily business and personal affairs.

We feel that, although there are many groups that practice a networking and referral system, ours is unique in that we are not built on a franchise structure.

But why is this a big deal?

Well, the main advantages are:

  • We all work for ourselves - we do not need to be co-erced into working to recruit for the network
  • No annual membership fee - small businesses need to keep their outgoings to a minimum so our subscription is based fortnightly
  • Equal members - no one individual has total authority; we work on trust and on the basis that we want to to work together
  • Not for profit - subscriptions are cost based (venue hire, breakfast, main events)

In short, we are 'friends that do business' and our aim is to increase each members growth and profitability, not by suffocating them with referral and guest 'targets', but rather allowing a natural growth of members and business to business relationships.

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